Goal Setting

4 Burner Method: Prioritize your Schedule

If you’re struggling to fit your goals and priorities into your day, let’s discuss the 4 burner method and how it can work with block schedules to create a streamlined and productive path to feeling accomplished. This is a transcript of Episode 5 of the Simple Systems with Sam podcast. If you prefer to listen, […]

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Simple Systems: The Simplest Step

This is a transcript for Episode 1 of the Simple Systems with Sam Podcast. Together let’s discuss the importance of simple systems and how we can set simple systems up in our own life: starting with the simplest step. From Overwhelmed to Simple You know that feeling when you wake up and you just want […]

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SWOT Analysis to look at a Year in Review

It’s the best time of the year! I mean, the holidays are great, but everyone is thinking of the year in review looking forward to goal setting for the new year and my little engineering brain is giddy with excitement. I’m bringing back the Plan It Forward “Challenge” (starting with a review using SWOT analysis) […]

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