Full Episode: 5 Strategies to Survive your Least Favorite Units

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Episode Summary: 5 Strategies to Survive your Least Favorite Units

In our Summer of Systems, we need to address those least favorite units. The topics that just aren’t your favorite and you struggle bus your way through each year. Teachers don’t have to love everything in the standards, but these units make the year feel stretched out even longer. In this episode, inspired by my guest episode on the Secondary Science Simplified podcast, we discuss 5 tips for getting excited about those dreaded units.

Episode Outline

Stations [2:45]: Take the unit content and create student guided stations. You will gain insights into a student view of the content and take a step back to let them explore on their own (with some help).

Expert Presentation [4:30]: Split your classes up into groups and give them resources based on each major concept in the unit. Have them become the teacher with some fun aspects thrown in.

ChatGPT and AI Inspiration [5:55]: Let AI inspire you by asking it ways to make the content interesting to your age specific students or suggest hands on activities to add to your unit. I explain 2 specific prompts and how I can use the feedback to improve a unit.

Choose a Project over Assessment [9:40]: Allowing students to take a creative project assessment over the topic reduces the stress around the content and lets you enjoy the material a little bit more.

Find a Nerd [10:37]: We all have one unit that we absolutely adore, and you may just need to find the person who adores what you don’t. Allow their excitement to rub off on you and ask for an idea or two.

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