In the Age of Technology, are your students practicing their science literacy and understanding? Are you looking for engaging, no-prep, emergency sub lesson plans to fit in with your curriculum, whenever you may need it? Everyday there are new science current event stories that could pique the interest of your student while learning about the newest technology and discoveries.

What is a Science Current Event Worksheet

This Science Current Event Worksheet gives your student a simple guided research practice to help them look for, and summarize, important information from an article. You can assign the content area or let them discover the variety of fields STEM and STEAM have to offer.

Once students have broken the article down into important information, created refined bullet points of content, and considered the future impact of their chosen discovery, they are able to use page 2 to practice their written expression.

Students will create their own short scientific writing with their research-based facts. Then, they will create a captivating title and image making this page display worthy for others to learn from.

(Click here for a prepared worksheet in multiple formats!)

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How to use the Science Current Event Worksheet

This worksheet is extremely versatile and is one of the template assignments I keep ready to go for when I have an unexpected sub day.

Download the file and print your chosen layout double-sided. Make one copy per student and provide students with internet access and coloring items.

To assign the current event, I list out 3 key points:

-The article must be from the provided topic OR any topic they choose from the last 6 months only! This helps to give them a starting point to choose from. Topic specific articles are harder to keep a timeline to, but for general use I like to say 6 months because science is always changing and learning.

-The article must be from a reputable science source and in their reading level. A few of my favorite websites are included on the worksheet as options.

-The article cannot be simply an extended definition article. It must relate to discoveries, theories, or new trials.

Students will then to read through and summarize the article in their own words and 5+ bullet points. For younger grades, you may want to provide printed articles so they can practice highlighting and summarizing important information.

When they have finished summarizing, they will use bullet points to guide writing a news summary in their own words. They include a catchy title, image (hand drawn) with caption, and 4-10 sentences that someone can read and understand without prior knowledge.

Sub Plans

Included in the link here are print and go sub- plans that fit into the sub binder system. Simply have a blank copy ready to go and assign a topic or a time restriction (defaulting to 6 months here is great so that students are comfortable without extra directions needed from the sub).

That’s it, you have a print-and-go sub plan ready for those days you need off.

Science Current Event Worksheet Bundle Link

Why using the Science Current Event Worksheet works

Students will get plenty of practice reading, analyzing, and writing from scientific findings and learn to have an appreciation for a variety of STEM and STEAM fields that may interest them.

Science is a constantly evolving field with new discoveries and theories every day. Teaching middle and high school students can be a difficult task. Allowing them to explore the science around them that is interesting to them can open up their minds.

Reviews for the Science Current Event Worksheets

“I loved having a quality resource that is ready to use on a Sub days. I provide an article related to what we are learning but the students are able to complete this on their own with very little teacher guidance.”

“This was a great assignment back in the spring when we went to distance learning and I plan to use it several times this school year! The flexibility that it has is awesome because students could use any article they found or one that I provided.”

“This template is PERFECT and exactly what I wanted when I decided to complete current events with my classroom.”

Looking for More?

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This worksheet is a part of the “Any Topic Science Worksheet Bundle” where I have a growing list of worksheets that you can use for any lesson you’re teaching!

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