I know there’s always so much to do, so I appreciate you spending time with me to hopefully make some simple steps towards a less stressful day!

There is too much information to share in a simple presentation, so I want to share some extra spaces you can join me on this simplification journey:

Simple Systems with Sam Podcast: Here I share a simple step each week (and double episodes over the summer) that you can apply in school, home, and your personal life to continue increasing efficiency without the effort.

EngineerDoesEducation on YouTube: If you aren’t into podcasts, I put a video up for each episode over on YouTube! There are also little “extra” videos here and there on something related to teaching, science, organization, or time management.

Instagram for Daily Systems: On Instagram stories I walk through systems that I use on a regular basis, book recommendations, and some cute videos of my kids. It’s a more “on demand” place to get some simple ideas and generally it’s pretty fun.

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