Classroom Systems and Organization

5 Classroom Templates for First Year Teachers

Classroom templates are a teacher life-saver when things get stressful. Instead of waiting until year 3-4 to get them set up, let’s relieve some of that stress before year 1. This is a transcript of Episode 10 of the Simple Systems with Sam Podcast. If you’d prefer to listen to the episode, there is an […]

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Classroom Setup: Think efficient

Classroom setup is the most exciting part of a new classroom, but there are some things to keep in mind when setting these spaces up. How can we make your classroom an effective space for learning and teaching? Here are a few tips you probably haven’t heard. This is a transcript of Episode 8 of […]

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Simple Classroom Policies

Today we are going to tackle the first step in setting up your classroom, without even stepping foot into your classroom. Let’s extend that summer feeling a little bit longer while getting your confidence up and running for the first day of school by tackling classroom policies Hey guys, Sam here with our special series […]

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Focus on Conquering the Teacher Task List

Teacher task lists are never ending. With so much to accomplish we can often become overwhelmed to the point of not getting ANY of it done. Instead of sitting in the Sunday Scaries knowing the work and grading are piling up, let me share the simplest trick to getting back on track! Being Productive with […]

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Classroom Strategies: 5 HS Classroom Jobs to Save Your Sanity

Teachers are overloaded with so many tasks and to-dos through the day, but we don’t have to be as overworked as we think! There’s a few simple steps to reducing teacher stress and anxiety through delegation through classroom jobs. Let’s dive in and look at classroom jobs that will take things off of your plate […]

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Teaching Study Tips: Color in the Classroom

Teaching Study Skills: Coloring In the Classroom Header Image

If your students struggle to retain information, focus, and want more study skills, you’ll want to let them color in your classroom! That’s right, teaching your students to color and doodle all over their notes is scientifically proven to help memory and understanding. Let me show you the why, the how, and sign up below […]

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7 Tips for Science Emergency Sub Plans

7 tips for emergency sub plans

Teacher sick days and mental health days are actually more work than actually going in. Writing sub plans, and having emergency sub plans that work, can be stressful and more exhausting than teaching with the flu. Let’s change that! Today, right here, let’s go through 5 tips to make emergency sub plans that will last […]

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High School Classroom Management: Teams

Using teams in the high school classroom management strategy

High school classroom management can be tricky. You can’t play the Quiet Game to earn tickets like elementary and they’re too cool for “focus” trackers like in middle school. If there’s one thing high schoolers are though, it’s competitive. Thankfully, there’s a classroom management tool for that! Classroom Management with Teams With so many sections/blocks/hours […]

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