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5 Strategies for Surviving your Least Favorite Units

Full Episode: 5 Strategies to Survive your Least Favorite Units Listen on Apple Podcasts || Listen on Spotify || Listen on Google || Other Podcasting Apps Watch on YouTube Episode Summary: 5 Strategies to Survive your Least Favorite Units In our Summer of Systems, we need to address those least favorite units. The topics that just aren’t your favorite and you […]

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How To Unit Plan in Simple Steps

Many teachers are never taught how to create an effective unit plan from scratch. Most aren’t even given any information or tools to get started. That was how I learned, but after 14 preps in 5 years of creating most units from scratch, I want to share the simple steps I use to unit plan. […]

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Science Current Event Worksheet: No Prep Sub Plans

In the Age of Technology, are your students practicing their science literacy and understanding? Are you looking for engaging, no-prep, emergency sub lesson plans to fit in with your curriculum, whenever you may need it? Everyday there are new science current event stories that could pique the interest of your student while learning about the newest technology and […]

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Peer Review Form: TAG method

Simplify grading and help your students assess their own work by providing a peer review outline for them. Let’s walk through how to use a successful peer review form and rubrics to improve your students learning and understanding. What is the Peer Review Form: TAG method Peer reviews are a simple method where you ask […]

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3 No-Prep Review Activities

Steal 3 of my no-prep review activities that allows the students to take charge of their reviews in a creative way with less strain and effort on your part. 3 No-Prep Review Activities to Steal Transcript We are coming up right before break, and I know that you are tired, but also your students are […]

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Research Walks: Take your students outside

It’s so hard to stay inside this time of year. Weather is warming back up, we want students to get moving and away from fluorescent lighting, and we simply want ourselves and our students outside. But, you need to make the time outside educational and enjoyable for everyone, so I have a solution to all […]

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Teaching Study Tips: Color in the Classroom

Teaching Study Skills: Coloring In the Classroom Header Image

If your students struggle to retain information, focus, and want more study skills, you’ll want to let them color in your classroom! That’s right, teaching your students to color and doodle all over their notes is scientifically proven to help memory and understanding. Let me show you the why, the how, and sign up below […]

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How a Wonder Wall will Encourage Every Student to Think Like a Scientist

How a Wonder Wall will encourage every student to think like a scientist

Whatever happened to the curious students? You know, the ones that would ask all the “why’s” and “how’s” and always wanted to know more and more? When did they grow out of that toddler like wonder into the student robots that we see today?

Students have the answers at their fingertips for almost any question they want to ask, but are they asking the right ones? We want to change their mindset to think more like a scientist, to think more like an engineer, to think more like someone who is invested in the world around them.

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