Simple Classroom Setup: Routines

Simple Classroom Setup Part 2

The backbone of how your classroom runs on a day-to-day basis are the classroom routines you establish. Today we will walk through the pieces of routines you may have never expected, but will be key to feeling confident and in control. This is a transcript of Episode 6 of the Simple Systems with Sam Podcast. […]

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Block Schedule Start-up

This is a transcript of Episode 3 of the Simple Systems with Sam Podcast. A block schedule will change how you look at your day and productivity, so let’s start setting one up, one step at a time. Episode 3: Block Schedule Party! If you were to ask me, “Hey, Sam, what’s the one thing […]

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High School Classroom Management: Teams

Using teams in the high school classroom management strategy

High school classroom management can be tricky. You can’t play the Quiet Game to earn tickets like elementary and they’re too cool for “focus” trackers like in middle school. If there’s one thing high schoolers are though, it’s competitive. Thankfully, there’s a classroom management tool for that! Classroom Management with Teams With so many sections/blocks/hours […]

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