Simple Steps to a New Years Clean Home Transcript

We’re in that week in between the holidays and New Year and a lot of people are saying that they just don’t even know what to do with themselves, or what day of the week it is. 

And to them I say, “Go listen to the block scheduling episodes, because that will help keep you on track.” But even stores don’t really know what to do in this in-between time. 

In fact, Target will have what’s called a quick set, and they will put in something very temporarily until they can get to the next theme…the next theme being Valentine’s Day. 

The quick set between Christmas and Valentine’s Day is New Year’s cleaning. Which is kind of interesting. But if you think about it, there are two types of people..

A lot of us try to simplify and cut down on all the things that happened over Christmas as soon as we can. Get our houses feeling a little bit more back to normal. 

But also, you’ve got the fresh start of the new year, and everybody wants to feel like they’re set up on the right foot. 

So having a whole section of your store dedicated to slight New Year’s resolutions, but mostly house organization and cleaning, actually sells a lot for them. 

Quick Steps to Making House Feel Organized and Have a Clean Home

I wanted to go through today and give you the quick steps to making your house feel like it’s picked up and organized without spending all of the time actually going through a deep dive organization on it. 

What you’re going to need for this is a bin for each room in your house so that you can take things back to their proper homes, and then a trash bag. 

Clean Flat Surfaces

You’re going to start with one flat surface. I would suggest starting in your kitchen. If you have an island, the island countertop is prime real estate. Go through and throw anything that is trash away.

Then anything that does not belong in that room, put it to the bin that belongs to the room you’re going to put that item back to. Then if it’s leftover, find its home within the kitchen. 

If it doesn’t currently have a home then you can have a miscellaneous bin, but I wouldn’t suggest letting it get too built up. If it doesn’t have a home, there’s probably a reason for it. And you can rethink whether you should create a home for it or it needs to get trashed. 

Move one flat surface at a time around the room. It’s going to be the quick clean that you need to feel like you’re back in control. The drawers might be a disaster still, but that’s fine. We’re working on flat surfaces first. 

Go through as many rooms as you can before your bins start to get full. Once they start to get full, then you’re going to need to take them to that room.

Distribute Item to Other Rooms

Here’s where it might get a little tricky sounding. But I do not want you to be the person to put those items back in each room. 

If it’s a bin for your kids items that goes to their room, they should be the ones to put it back. If it goes back out to the garage, and that is your husband’s domain, you let him put all those things back. 

You did the big job by sorting it all out and then you let them take care of the rest.

Once you finish clearing off the flat surfaces, give them a nice little wipe down. 

Throw Out Trash

Then you might want to go through and just quickly open drawers and throw out trash only. We’re not going any farther than just getting the trash out of the drawers. But I think you’ll find that there’s a lot more hidden in the drawers than you think. 

Once you finish one room, you move on to the next flat surfaces, distribute to other rooms, and then get trash. That’s it. 


With those three quick steps, you’re gonna be able to make it around your house in record time and also feel crazy accomplished at the end of it. 

That was actually way under five minutes, so I hope you enjoyed this quick simple step for keeping your house decluttered as we transition into that new year. I can’t wait to see you next time. 


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