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Episode Summary

In our Summer of Systems, let’s take a minute to talk about strategies to force us to focus. Focus strategies are going to give us the long term benefit of more time earned back once we decide what strategy works best. Before the next school year rolls around, let’s dive into 3 Strategies to Force your Focus.

Episode Outline

Distract the Distraction [1:37]: Whatever your distraction may be, it is time to find a way to distract IT. Phones, kids, and anything in between. If it’s keeping you from getting a major task accomplished, distract it with these suggestions.

Challenge and Reward [3:12]: Gamify your focus time by giving yourself a challenge and reward! They don’t have to be extravagant, but these suggestions may help you boost your focus.

Accountability in Real Time [5:09]: It’s not just about having an accountability buddy, but one that can hold you accountable in the actual moment and is willing to slap your wrist to get you back on track.

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