Hey, there!

I want to take a second to introduce myself as the woman behind the Engineer Does Education blog!

I’m Sam and I left the world of engineering, and my love of LEAN systems, to work as a high school science teacher. Let’s just say, I’m pretty passionate about using real-world concepts and preparing students for real life.

I'm here for the new teachers, professionals turned teachers, overwhelmed teacher moms, and the seasoned pro looking to streamline a few more things.

It was an extreme crash course in everything education.

Now, I’m in the high school, received my license, and taking every struggle I had, every lesson I learned, and helping other teachers. Systems, simple lessons, engaging activities, and simplifying your life are my jams!

I'm here for the students, too!

Let’s not leave out the fact that there are some real life education our students are CRAVING! 

When working on fractions and percentages, my students were begging me for lessons on budgeting, in middle school!! They want to learn things that impact their lives, and thankfully, math and science integrate so well!

And, just think about things that would have made your own life easier if you learned it in school: goal setting, time management, money management, research skills, etc. Incorporating these ideas are easier than you think and I can’t wait to show you!